Getting Connected

Here at Life Covenant Church, we are deeply committed to building healthy and meaningful relationships with one

another.  We are also committed to helping each other grow in our love for Jesus Christ.  LIFE Groups are where both

of these commitments come together.   


A LIFE Group is a smaller gathering of people who come together intentionally on a regular basis to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. These groups are designed both to connect you with other people and to strengthen your walk with God.  

There is a variety of Life Groups with slightly different focus and structure. Regardless, we want every Life Group to experience a commitment to a) relational connection; b) reliance upon the transforming Word of God as it reveals the Living Word, Jesus Christ; and c) integrating our growing faith into everyday life.

To explore these or to explore beginning your own LIFE Group, contact Neil Botts at 406-442-6813.