Who We are

Since 1890, the Life Covenant Church of Helena has been faithfully proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ in Montana’s capital city. Originally started by Scandinavian Immigrants during Helena’s gold rush days, the church spent much of its early years holding its services in the Swedish language. Today the church, while fond of its faithful heritage and tradition, is a mixture of young and old, families and single people of all social, economic, religious, and national backgrounds. We seek to encourage each other to walk faithfully with God in all areas of our lives, fully relying on Christ alone for our salvation.

Our Vision is to be a community that...

WORSHIPS - Glorifies God and delights in His grace.

FELLOWSHIPS - Fosters relationships among God's people.

DISCIPLES - is deeply rooted in Biblical teaching and values, promotes Christian maturity, yet understands the freedom we have in Christ.

MINISTERS - Serves the family of God.

EVANGELIZES - Seeks to bring people into relationship with Christ.