Dear Friends,


Just a quick update today. We’re all aware of the new facemask requirement. What that means for our church is that everyone over five years of age will have to have facemasks on for our services now. In addition, that means that everyone who meets in a group at church throughout the week will also have to have masks on. We still have some hand-made cloth masks available and we’ll also have some other masks available as well. If you have your own, we encourage you to bring those along with you to church.


Also, your church leaders met last night and we want you to know that we are moving ahead with plans for in-person children’s and youth ministry this fall. Pray for Deanna, Jolanda and Matt as they and their volunteer leaders prepare for ministry in this challenging environment.


Friends, this week I’ve been reflecting on how to find certainty in a uncertain time.  Psalm 42 encourages us to “Put your hope in God….” In this time of uncertainty, we find certainty in our faith. And, we can bring that certainty to others. Rather than focus on uncertainty, which is the loud voice we are all hearing right now,  can you bring certainty to the current situation?  In an uncertain world for your children, can they hear from you certainty in your relationship with Jesus. In an uncertain world for your elderly parents, can you bring certainty and hope from God? In an uncertain world for your spouse can you bring certainty and hope? And further, consider what specifically you can do to bring a bit of certainty to other people. “Put your hope in God….”


Certain of our hope,