*UPDATEs from LCC Leadership*

JUNE 18, 2021 Update FROM KEITH


I have some updates for you today.  First, while we still encourage the use of masks, at our Leadership Team meeting last night, your leaders decided that masks will be optional at all of our services now. Further, earlier this week the team also decided that masks will be optional during our Vacation Bible School next week. I have so appreciated their thoughtful, prayerful consideration of this and other issues in the past 15 months. Please continue to respect the choices of people in our midst whether we wear masks or we don’t. Again, the unity of our congregation is paramount, not just because I think so, but because Jesus so stressed the unity of the body of Christ. Let’s honor His request to be unified in all we do.

Also, I want to update you on our job openings. First, remember that Sam Bodnar, our new youth pastor, will be arriving July 18.  I’m really excited to have him join our staff. Second, the hiring team for our worship position has received and reviewed many applications and interviewed several people for the position but has not yet hired anyone. The hiring team has invested many hours in the process and I thank them for their work. We will be re-posting the position now and are hoping and praying for a great fit for the position. Third, the technology position has not had applicants, so we’ll continue to work on that.

In addition, have you registered for the Global Leadership Summit? It’s Thursday and Friday, August 5 & 6 at Mount Helena Community Church. Pick up an envelope at the back of the church or in the office and register today!

Finally, I hope you’ll enjoy the summer and in doing so, please connect with your friends from church. I also hope you’ll attend on the weekends that you are in town. I look forward to seeing you.

Sincerely in Christ,

Keith Johnson