life classes

Life Covenant Church (LCC) is committed to connecting people with God and with one another, seeing both as essential in growing as disciples of Jesus Christ. As part of this commitment, LCC offers a group of foundational L.I.F.E. classes intended to help in the process.

LIFE101 ~ Discovering God’s Family at Life Covenant Church

A one-session introduction to what the LCC believes, how it is organized, how it is seeking to live out the five purposes God has for our lives, and our vision for the future. 

         *The next LIFE101 is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 14 at 4:00pm

LIFE201 ~ Discovering My Path to Discipleship

A six-week class that helps you become spiritually mature disciples of Jesus Christ. We will explore issues of Bible study, prayer, worship, fellowship and generosity.

           *Two available class times offered beginning Sept. 18 at 6:00pm or Sept. 19 at 12:00pm


LIFE301 ~ Discovering My Ministry

A four-week class that helps you discover how God has uniquely designed you and called you to serve.

LIFE401 ~ Discovering My Mission

A six-week class that helps you discover how God is calling you to be on mission in the world of everyday life around you, sharing the message of hope in Jesus Christ in very ordinary, relational ways.These classes are offered on varying schedules throughout the year.