Tools for a troubled year

Video series

Twenty-Twenty took nearly all of us by surprise. Twenty-Twenty-one looks in a fair way to be just as uncertain. Perhaps this has left you feeling anxious or out of control? Maybe you are tired of having your spouse working from home or are worried about a child who seems depressed? On the other hand you might be feeling angry or hurt by friends and loved ones with whom you have had political or health-related disagreements? You may have lost a friend, a job or a loved one - and even if you haven't had any of these experiences you certainly know someone who has.

Tools for a Troubled Year is a new video series put together for our church by a group of therapists and pastors in the hopes of creating a starting point for discussion on mental health and well being. How can we better understand ourselves and each other so we can help one another through these challenging times?

You can watch these videos below in any order you wish. They are all less than thirty minutes long. But we encourage you to begin with the short Introductory video.

Hopefully these videos will give us tools to reach out to the world around us - starting with those under our own roofs.

Tools for a troubled Year